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Muay Thai is the art of nine limbs. Whether your intention is weight loss, endurance, self defense or competitive fighting, South Side Muay Thai will help you achieve your goals. Expect to start off slow and focus on basic techniques intermixed with conditioning. Oh and remember…HAVE FUN!

Muay Thai | the art of nine limbs.


South Side Muay Thai


Our studio is known, loved and respected for its authenticity. When the gym first opened, Jake allowed his students to spray paint their names on the walls as the plan was to have the studio painted and refurbished. As time went on, Jake decided he couldn’t possibly paint over the hundreds of names, positive blurbs, and artwork his students, both adults and kids, created. Our studio has a warm, loving, positive vibe from which our students thrive.

In our studio, we have a wide variety of banana bags, wall bags, water bags, pads, speed bags, weights….you name it, we’ve got it!

What to wear/bring:

Comfortable workout clothes. Muay Thai is practiced barefooted. You will need hand wraps and gloves. If you do not have them, they can be provided or purchased.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and get prepared. Come with an open mind, determination and most of all, the willingness to learn and have fun!!!!!

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