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What To Expect

Class Description: Muay Thai is the art of striking.  If you are uninterested in fighting, you can still enjoy Muay Thai for its conditioning, full-body strengthening, and cardio benefits. Expect to start off slow and focus on basic techniques intermixed with conditioning.  


Studio/gym: Classes are held in an open, warm yoga studio as opposed to a traditional gym. We will be adhering to CDC guidelines. Therefore, a mask is required at all times and there will be no contact, sparring, or clinching amongst students until restrictions are lifted.  


What to wear/bring: Comfortable workout clothes. Muay Thai is practiced barefooted. You will need hand wraps and gloves. If you do not have them, they can be provided or purchased.  


Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class. A mask is required to enter the building and will need to stay on at all times. If you have your wraps and gloves, please wrap your hands before class start time. Here is a link to a basic Muay Thai hand-wrapping technique. A formalized hand wrapping session can be provided before or after class, depending on class size. Upon entering the studio, please take your shoes off and place them on the rug. Outerwear can be placed in the cubbies provided. Then, please go to the front desk to have your temperature checked and confirm that you are signed into the class. There are no changing rooms or showers. There are two restrooms available.  


Upon entering the studio, it is traditional to show respect to the studio and the art form by bowing upon entering and leaving the studio. There will be designated areas in the studio for each student designated by markers. This will be a starting spot, please chose one and stay in that area while you await the start of class.  

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