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‘The Art of 9 Limbs

Welcome to our Muay Thai studio located in Long Beach, New York! We are dedicated to helping students become the best version of themselves, whether they’re just starting out or seasoned professionals.

our programs

Adult Classes

Our experienced trainers will teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled fighter, from basic techniques to advanced strategies. Our classes are also designed for people who are simply looking to workout, get fit, and feel good inside and out.

Kids Classes

We believe that martial arts are a great way to help kids build self-confidence, discipline, and respect. Our kids classes are designed to be fun and engaging, while also teaching valuable life skills.


Private Training

For those who want personalized attention, we offer private training sessions with owner and head instructor Jake. Whether you’re looking to improve your technique, prepare for an upcoming fight, or simply want to learn the art, he will help you reach your goals.

strength • patience • humility • resilience • confidence

our studio

We are more than just a place to train. We are a community of fighters who support and encourage each other every step of the way. We believe that Muay Thai is not just a sport, but a way of life, and we are passionate about sharing our love of the art with others.

Ready to join our community and become a warrior? Contact us today to schedule your first class or private training session with Jake. We can’t wait to see you in the ring!

South Side Muay Thai



6:00 AM Dawn Patrol (Bob)
1:00 PM Westend Warriors (Jake)
4:30 PM Kids Class  (Jake & Aja)
7:00 PM Adult Class (Jake)


6:00 PM Technique Tuesday (Jake)


6:00 AM Dawn Patrol (Bob)
1:00 PM Westend Warriors (Jake)
5:30 PM Teen Class (Ages 11-17)
7:00 PM Wacky Wednesdays (Jake) 


4:30 PM Kids Class (Jake & Aja)
7:00 PM Rounds Night (Jake)


1:00 PM Westend Warriors (Jake)
6:00 PM Adult Class (Jake)


11:00 AM Adult Class (Jake)

SUNDAYS → Closed

* Private sessions with Jake are encouraged and available upon request!

* Veteran Discounts Available *



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